Kiki’s Kanji Dictionary

This web site is a huge repository of Kanji and their meanings. Essentially the user can browse through pages, just like flipping through an expensive paper dictionary, learn about related words and their meanings, rather than searching for a single Kanji and viewing it out of context. Quick description in two words: Comfortable – Useful.

Kiki's Kanji Dictionary Screenshot
A Snapshot of Kiki's Kanji Dictionary

It comes with the option of using flashcards online or printing them off. The dictionary layout is structured with symbols being displayed along the left-hand side of the page. Any symbol the user has clicked on is displayed in the centre of the screen with an English translation, stroke count, On-yomi, Kun-yomi and different Kana readings and compounds.

Each Kanji entry is interactive, linking the user to other Kanji entries. The user can try an extremely useful Google search for Kanji in Kiki’s Kanji Dictionary. Simply copy and paste/type in the Kanji or the English meaning and the search results will open in a new window.

A Java application drills the user in the 500 most commonly occurring Japanese Kanji, giving various readings and stroke counts. These are just like flashcards with On/Kun-yomi readings as well as compound meanings and an English translation. There is also an animation feature demonstrating the correct stroke order.

This has been the best of all the examples researched. It has everything a student would need with a variety of examples with all three character sets – Kana and Kanji – given prominence and correctly used.

The interface is clear and easy to use with pleasant colours and a solid theme. The flash card option has many features like multiple examples, stroke count, On-yomi, Kun-yomi,. The English search is the real find as it enables an ease of use that the other sites and applications lack.

 It is clear that it provides a level of service useful for all students and is a formidable and well structured site and a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.

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