Jump Tomorrow Today

Rachel Getting Married didn’t do too well in the UK. I watched it in my favourite cinema, early 2009, possibly one of the few thousand people who paid money to see the drama while it still had a theatrical run. Well acted on the part of Anne Hathaway, it featured the kind of fantasy wedding that would have me hemorrhaging sanity at all of the mawkish-sentimentality and unreal collection of guests. The groom marrying the eponymous Rachel, is played by Tunde Adebimpe. Upon seeing him, my mind flashed-back to an earlier film of his, the 2001 film Jump Tomorrow.

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Sherlock Holmes

Does Guy Ritchie’s Geezers with Guns style make this Sherlock Holmes film memorable or forgettable? Having read some of the stories and seeing numerous interpretations of Holmes and Watson (including a Chinese martial-arts display), I have to say that the film is better than I’d expected. Solidly built, it is the central performances that engage.

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Why Final Fantasy XII is the Best in the Series – In my Opinion

With the imminent release of Final Fantasy XIII I just want to state that Final Fantasy XII is for me, the best in the series. I know that many don’t like it – you either love it or hate it as the cliché goes so where does my fondness come from?
The Final Fantasy XII Gang

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