Raison d’être

A brief introduction in which the author makes an attempt to explain the reason for this blog. I go to the cinema. A lot. I watch television. A lot. I read books… you get the picture, I’m a bit of a culture vulture sticking my head above the parapet every so often. I also have a background in computing science (not that blogging requires you to be a computer whizz) and a deep interest in East Asian culture having grown up watching Hong Kong martial arts films and anime and having spent the last few years learning Japanese.  I’m also a bit of a political gadfly…  Hopefully this blog will cover more than the above mentioned but I intend to periodically put reviews up and comment on interesting things. I know the internet is stuffed full of opionions but I daresay mine might be interesting.

Anyway, that was a primer for the various forms of written chaos to come etc. Check back for more.

Tom and Jerry - Concerto Cat
Let the games begin!