Little Forest: Summer & Autumn, Lupin the Third, Tokyo Tribe, Magic Knight, Mizu no Koe wo Kiku and Other Japanese Film Trailers

Long rambly intro so feel free to skip. If you’re going to read it, here’s some music to listen to:

Well this week was a bit of a holding pattern for me since I’m waiting for the full programme of films to be revealed for this year’s Raindance Independent Film Festival. Unlike last year, when I watched nearly every title, this year I’m going to focus on a few.

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Parasyte Film Trailer and Information

Parasyte Part 1    Parasyte Film Poster

Japanese: 寄生獣 Part 1

Romaji: Kiseiju Part 1

Release Date: November 28th, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Takashi Yamazaki

Writer: Ryota Kosawa (Screenplay), Hitoshi Iwaaki (Original Manga)

Starring: Shota Sometani, Ai Hashimoto, Eri Fukatsu, Nao Omori, Pierre Taki, Hirofumi Arai, Kazuki Kitamura, Tadanobu Asano, Jun Kunimura, Kmiko Yo, Masahiro Higashide,

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Zero / Fatal Frame Film Trailer and Information

Zero    Zero Japanese Film Poster

Japanese Title: 劇場版 零 ゼロ

Romaji: Gekijouban Rei Zero

Release Date: September 26th, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: N/A

Director: Mari Asato

Writer: Mari Asato (Screenplay), Eiji Ohtsuka (Original Novel)

Starring: Ayumi Nakajo, Aoi Morikawa, Fujiko Kojima, Jun Miho, Karen Miyama, Noriko Nakagoshi, Kasumi Yamaya, Minori Hagiwara, Yuri Nakamura, Kodai Asaka,

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Over Your Dead Body, Marching to Tomorrow, Shishunki Gokko, Lilou’s Adventure, Mo ichido, Gundam G no Reconguista, New Initial D the Movie Legend 1: Awakening and Other Japanese Film Trailers

Over Your Dead Body Film Image Kou Shibasaki Ponders SomethingThanks to a few days booked off from work, I was able to go day-tripping again and watch lots of films like The Howling (2012), Hideo Nakata’s The Complex (2013), Don’t Look Up (1996) and a bunch of dull J-horror titles. I also went to see the US horror Deliver Us From Evil (2014) on the opening day and that was fun. I’m trying to collect a lot of reviews for horror films so I can just post them over the autumn and winter period. I’d also like to do a Hideo Nakata season but my Japanese teacher still has my Ringu collection (I keep forgetting to ask her for it back…).

Apart from days out, a quiet week overall. I posted about this years Toronto International Film Festival (which I recently updated with some newly announced films) and the DVD release of Sake-Bomb.

I don’t know what’s happened to me but my enthusiasm for Korean films is rather lacking these days. None of the films I have watched, save Behind the Camera, and Cold Eyes (which I’ve watched twice) has entertained me all that much. Even action titles. I hope to find something good to watch over week – I’m looking forward to Broken, Unbowed, and Nobody’s Daughter Hae-Won. Maybe, Into the Mirror, if I have enough time.

With two days off next week, I’ll get cracking with the autumn anime preview. The summer titles I chose have not let me down and are always entertaining! Anybody else love The Dropkix?

What’s released in Japan this weekend?

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Third Window Films Release Japanese American Culture Clash Comedy Sake-Bomb

Sake-Bomb                                 Third Window FIlms Sake-Bomb Release                                           

Running Time: 82 mins

UK Release Date: August 25th, 2014

Release Date: May 24th, 2014 (Japan)

Director: Junya Sakino

Writer: Jeff Mizushima (Screenplay),

Starring: Gaku Hamada. Eugene Kim, Marlane Barnes, Josh Brodis, Samatha Quan, Hiroyuki Watanabe

Third Window Films are going to release Sake-Bomb at the end of August. I saw Sake-Bomb and interviewed its director at last year’s Raindance Film Festival, well ahead of its release in Japan. I wasn’t totally enamoured with the film but it is well-done and other critics have loved it. Here are the details:

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Japanese Films at the Toronto International Film Festival 2014

Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Post Header

The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival launches in just over two weeks and lasts from September 04th to September 14th. As is usually the case, the line-up of films is impressive. I don’t know how Toronto does it but every year they get a selection of great Japanese films. This year there are four films I desperately want to see from three directors I love. Well, three – Sion Sono, Shinya Tsukamoto, and Takashi Miike. All of them have been or are released this year and all from the top end of Japanese commercial cinema. Here are the films:

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Tokyo Fantasy: Sekai no Owari, Hot Road, Kobito Dukan Kakuremomojiri no Himitsu no Momozono, Sturm Und Drang, The End of the Special Time We Were Allowed, Short Hope, Harajuku Cinema, Forma Japanese Film Trailers

This week has been pretty tragic for cinephiles because we lost two great stars with the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. RIP to two major talents.

In other, happier news, the Kickstarter for Plastic Love Story (which I Plastic Love Story Film Imageposted about) reached its target. We’ll see what happens from here on out.

In film terms, I watched the Korean films Horror Stories 1 and 2, Cold Eyes, The Howling and the Hong Kong films Bullets Over Summer and Fulltime Killer, the 2004 version of Dawn of the Dead and Necronomicon as well as returning to the cinema to see a screening of Godzilla for a second time.

In blogging terms, I posted about the Japanese films at this year’s Venice Film Festival and trailers and information on the Miike film Over Your Dead Body.

What’s released in Japan this weekend? A lot of Hong Sang-Soo films like Our Sunhi and Nobody’s Daughter Haewon and these intriguing titles:

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Japanese Films at the Venice Film Festival 2014

Venice FIlm Festival Post Banner

Venice FIlm Festival Poster 2There are two Japanese films at Venice this year. It is possible that I have missed a few films but I have checked on the website at least a few times a week since the line-up of the 71st Venice Film Festival was announced. Anyway, the festival takes place from Wednesday 27th August to Saturday 06th September and despite having only two Japanese films, one of them looks absolutely fascinating enough to entice me even without a trailer at this stage and that’s because it is a film by Shinya Tsukamoto dealing with the story of a Japanese soldier in the Philippines in the dying days of World War II as he fights to stay alive by doing depraved things… before I go into further detail, there’s also a classic screening as well.

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Over Your Dead Body Trailers and Information

Over Your Dead Body    Over Your Dead Body Film Poster

Japanese: 喰女 -クイメー

Romaji: Kuime

Release Date: August 23rd, 2014 (Japan)

Running Time: 94 mins.

Director: Takashi Miike

Writer: Kikumi Yamagishi (Screenplay), Tsuruya Nanboku IV (Original Kabuki Play)

Starring: Ebizo Ichikawa, Kou Shibasaki, Hideaki Ito, Miho Nakanishi, Maiko, Toshie Negishi, Koichi Sato, Hiroshi Katsuno, Toshiaki Karasawa, Kenichi Hagiwara, Kei Sato,

Takashi Miike recently said something like he was done making sensible films and going back to creating chaos and violence and with two films released this year, he’s hitting the horror high notes. The first looks like a really great meta-horror title.

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